Tito Ferrara



Drinking in various areas of art, the artist Tito Ferrara seeks his inspiration in everything he sees and live, whether it be a movie, an exhibition or in the graffiti that overlaps on the walls of São Paulo daily.

His style is the sum of academic study to illustration and graffiti work. The result is a strong and characteristic lines, which can be identified in his works in his moleskine, paintings and graffiti.

Only last year, Tito Ferrara was invited to paint on walls of Amsterdam (Holland), Barcelona (Spain), Toronto (Canada) in the Pan American Games representing Brazil, among others in Brazil.

Currently working on his project entitled “Believe In Your Dreams”, where the artist seeks to rescue the dream of real people with real dreams. After a conversation with the person portrayed, the artist interprets the dream of the person and writes on the blank screen, and over a portrait of the person. It is as if you could eternally unite a person to your life goal.

The result is a harmonious blend of typography and a portrait with a unique artist identity.

As the ideal of real life and the fact that the whole child draws, but at some point in life and so that it just come to a standstill. Apparently it will not stop. “At least, that’s the plan!” Tito says.