Artists on display

Jérome Sainte Rose

Born in Paris, France, Jérome Sainte Rose has a passion for travel which gave him the opportunity to capture unique landscapes in various countries including Bolivia, Brazil, Greece, Italy, Jamaica, New Caledonia, Thailand and the USA. During his career, he has worked with major brands such as Jean Paul Gaultier parfums, Dockers, Vogue, and Citroën among others. Whilst he continues his travels and artistic photography work, he is also the curator of the Galeria É.

Raphael Federici

Raphael Federici, also known by the nickname Paris Sketch Culture (PSC), is a visual artist. Raphael lives and works in Paris, however, his works takes him around the world, always seeking for new walls to paint with his own style. Raphael seeks to establish contact with his contemporaries by testing a universal language called ‘Street Art’.

Alexandre Stefani

Art Plastic
The contact with the wire appeared in an unusual way in Alexandre Stefani’s life, but the taste for design had been with him for many years. Graduated in industrial design by FAAP (Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado, Sao Paulo, Brazil) and in Fashion by SENAC / ESMOD, gained his plastic art experience by working with a variety of materials including murano, seeds, stones and resins. AUTHOR’S W

Mahku - Movimento dos artistas Huni kuin

The artistic movement of the Huni Kuin tribe consists of a group of researchers and artists, including Bane (Cleber Sales), his father Ibã Huni Kuin (Isaias Sales) and his grandfather Tuin Huni Kuin (Romão Sales).

Tito Ferrara

Tito Ferrara style is the sum of academic study to illustration and graffiti work. The result are strong and characteristic lines, which can be identified in his moleskins, paintings and graffiti works.

Emanuel Vasco Nunes

Professional artist and sculptor, born in Maputo, Mozambique, and today a Brazilian citizen, Emanuel Vasco Nunes is a master foundry with a large expertise in metal structures and various techniques as steel, glass, stone, iron, marble, cement and resin. His art can be seen at museums, public and private, in Portugal, Moscow, Turkey, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Madeira, Azores, Switzerland, Spain and the United States. All his sculptures are signed and have the stamp of quality related to the material and process used. Emanuel is also Vice-President of the Association of Artists and Preservation of the Environment (ACAPPMA) and a representative member of the Artists Foundation.

Chef Ferial Khecha

Chef Cuisine
Ferial K started her career as a private chef in 2009, in Ibiza. During these years, she had the privilege to cook for many clients, from world renowed communication guru, top models, actors to famous artists with the same desire to eat healthy, colorful and authentic food. Ferial K’s passion and creativity, and amazing capacity to create unique menus offers a delicious cuisine. From her travels across the globe, she has amassed the very best spices flavors, colors, textures and cooking styles known to gastronomy and has the ability to wow anyone who’s lucky enough to be a guest at the dinner table. Ibiza is definitely having a moment basking in the gastronomy sun. It has become an island known for its vast selection of world class restaurants offering up international cuisine and waves of highly skilled chefs have flocked to Ibiza to make their home and showcase their exquisite talents, privately and commercially. Ferial K is one such chef, showcasing her north african inspired cuisine concept.